Carr Engineering’s centrally located headquarters supports a comprehensive suite of vehicle analysis tools and measurement resources in year-round operation, as well as efficient deployment to locations across the United States.


Tractor Trailer Rollover Animation
3D Laser Scanner Vehicle Measurement
3D Laser Survey of Scene
Train Crash Photogrammetric Analysis
  • 3D modeling of vehicle and environment
  • 3D video animation
  • 3D kinematic analysis
  • Unmanned Air System (UAS) survey and digital imaging
  • Scanning – Faro 3D and specialized equipment
  • Total Station surveying
  • Photogrammetry – 3D techniques
  • Video analysis
Crashworthiness Laboratory
HYGE Sled Test – Active Airbag and Unbelted Driver
HYGE Sled Test – Inert Airbag and Belted Passenger
HYGE Sled Test – Child Seat Side Impact
HYGE Sled Test – Unrestrained Cargo
Surrogate Analysis with Vehicle Inversion
Vehicle Inversion Roll Spit
Vehicle Drop Test and Component Testing
HYGE Sled Test – Overhead View
  • HYGE crash simulator (sled)
  • Delta-V up to approximately 60 mph
  • Re-creation of event-specific crash pulses
  • Anthropomorphic surrogate analysis
  • State-of-the-art data acquisition and high-speed video
  • Vehicle inversion apparatus for rollover kinematics
  • Drop test capability for impact analysis
  • Individual component testing for vehicle systems
Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory
Preparing Tires for Testing
Tire Shaving Machine for Tread Separation Testing
Intertial Parameter / Center of Gravity Measurement
Automated Steering Controller for Testing
  • Full scale vehicle tests in closed course and highway environments
  • Vehicle instrumentation for velocities, accelerations, and position
  • On-board video, including HD and high-speed video
  • Tire laboratory for failure mode testing
  • Electronic Stability Control testing and analysis
  • Trailer and towing testing and analysis
  • Measurement of vehicle inertial parameters including center of gravity position
  • Industry-trained expert dynamics evaluators
  • Mobile laboratory to support remote and field locations
  • Lease agreements with full scale test tracks with full-range environmental conditions
Electronics Laboratory
Plot of RF Field Emitted from Engine Compartment
ADAS Sensor Systems With Signal Monitoring Equipment
Customized Interfaces for Vehicle Level Inspection and Investigation
Customized Interface for EDR Data Recovery
  • ECU circuit design analysis and component inspection
  • Electronic forensics including data download
  • Electrical system integrity testing including transient loads, EMF/EMF measurement, mapping and analysis
  • ECU level and vehicle level fault injection testing
  • Systems bench serial communication analysis
  • Actuator and sensor durability testing
  • Damaged EDR module data recovery
Tilt Table Testing of Utility Vehicle
Bosch CDR Equipment for EDR Imaging
Meeting Facilities
Small Conference Room for Meetings or Depositions
Large Conference Room for Meetings or Depositions
Fabrication Shop to Build Custom Exhibits and Testing Fixtures
Vertical Mill For Building Custom Exhibits and Testing Fixtures
Lathe For Building Custom Exhibits and Testing Fixtures
MIG, TIG and Oxy/Acetylene Welding Equipment
Demonstrative Exhibit - Transmission
Demonstrative Exhibit – Vehicle Inversion
Demonstrative Exhibit – Throttle and Brake System
Demonstrative Exhibit – Steering System
  • Tilt table testing for vehicle stability analysis
  • Digitization equipment to define vehicle geometry including crash damage
  • Certified to perform Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) imaging
  • On-site fabrication and machine shop
  • Scale models of vehicles, scenes, and crash sequencing
  • Physical models and cutaways
  • Exemplar functional systems
  • Demonstrative exhibits and fully functional systems models